About Me.

Jaimie Rivers is a British Born Actress, who lives in Cheshire in England with her two children, their crazy cocker-poo pooch Archie, their Tortoise Bob and Fish Jeff.

She has appeared in the TV series Shameless, on Stage at the Lowry Theatre Manchester. She has also achieved acclaim from a variety of short films she has made, including ‘Stepson’, ‘The Love Of The Nightingale’ and ‘Blood is Thicker’ which are all available to view on her website and on her You Tube page, together with more of her work.

Her first taste of the stage came in primary school, where she was given one of the lead parts in the Production ‘Hello Dolly’. The Production was a huge success and so was Jaimie, who showed a natural talent. She unfortunately got lost’ in the system in secondary school, where there was no Drama Department and so she threw her energy and passion into her other love which was sports. She captained the Ladies Basketball Team at High School, together with representing her school in Cross Country Track & Field Athletics, as well as competing at County Level for her running club. She later joined a ladies Hockey Team and competed regularly, falling back into acting many years later by chance.

She enjoys walking Archie with her children, going to the gym regularly and then the ache which comes as a result of the regular gym session! She has a love of the Theatre, Ballet, Classical Music and watching films on the big screen, where she is lost in the world of film.

She is passionate working with people who push her as an actress and who are not scared to take risks, tests her creative ability and enable her to grow, both as an actress and individual daily.

Jaimie is determined to succeed and she says that this desire and determination is as a result of a stubbornness and an unwillingness to listen to those who have ever dared say to her ‘ You cant’ Or ‘Wont do that!’ So the moral is ‘Never Give Up on what you believe in, Your Dreams are Yours and Yours alone so go after them’!

Jaimie xx